Can I replace my bath with a shower?

It’s become the most common question we get asked in the showroom, whether a bath can be replaced with a shower. Of course, the answer is yes, but there can be more involved than people bargain for when making the decision to replace an existing bathtub with a walk-in shower setup.

What’s the motivation?

Firstly, we always seek to understand why people are considering swapping out a bath, for a shower. It could be because they don’t take a bath very often, or that they consider it’s more cost-effective to shower than to have a bath, or that they’re finding it increasingly difficult to get into a tub, to either have a bath or use an over-bath shower. Discovering people’s “why” always helps us to give the best possible advice.

Doing the maths of replacing baths!

Rising energy costs are definitely a contributory factor in the increased interest in swapping out baths for showers. It is generally cheaper to take a shower than a bath, and we understand that running costs are a key consideration.

However, if you only have one bath in your house, we advise you to think carefully about removing it, particularly if you’re looking to sell your property in the future. Some home buyers place having a bath high on their list of criteria, and many people enjoy the relaxation of bathing, even if only occasionally. Baths are also popular with families who have young children. Your bathroom, to suit your lifestyle is your biggest consideration, but don’t rule out the impact this renovation may have in the future.

It’s also not just a simple matter of comparing the product cost of a bath or shower, you’ll need to include the installation costs too. This will include a variety of tradespeople, a plumber, and an electrician almost certainly and, as you’ll need to undertake remedial work to the surrounding walls and flooring, you may require a carpenter, plasterer, tiler, and possibly a decorator. So remember to bear this in mind, not just in terms of the bathroom budget, but also in terms of organising and managing them, their timeframes and the cost of materials they’ll need to complete the job.

Struggle to get in a bath?

Mobility can be a limiting factor when getting in and out of baths, but before you replace your bath with a shower, remember to weigh up the costs of a walk-in bath. In some circumstances, these can end up a more affordable option than you might have thought, when you take into account the cost of tradespeople and remedial work.

Showers and wet rooms are spacious and efficient to run

We can certainly see the advantages of replacing a bath with a shower too! Just take a look around our showroom, and the walk-in showers look so sleek, and make a small bathroom, look and feel more spacious and contemporary. Jones and Shuffs can take the pain away (as well as the bath) and organise the installation of your new shower for you, too.

Replacing a bath with a shower is a very personal choice. Our experienced bathroom team will share their knowledge and provide quotations for you to make an informed decision. One that’s right for you, your budget, your lifestyle and your home. Get in touch with our Kingsley Moor bathroom team today.

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Helen, Oulton

“Jones & Shuffs were recommended to us by a friend, and we can’t praise them enough, especially Craig.

Craig came up with ideas for the different bathrooms and took on board what we were trying to achieve, we didn’t want what everyone else has. We were looking to fit out all the bathrooms in our new house, main bathroom, ensuites and cloakrooms.

The level of service has been fantastic, it’s well worth the trip to the showroom, they have a great range of products and Craig has amazing knowledge of the products and ranges, he even sourced the marble effect sink for our downstairs bathroom and the wonderful bespoke shower wall in the main bathroom.

Jones & Shuffs made the whole process fun throughout and removed one of the headaches from the wider house project. We would highly recommend Jones & Shuffs to anyone.”